Lovey Blanket

Our lovey blanket is 17″x 17″ and is handcrafted with 100% baby soft flannel or is available in the minky material. We can personalize the lovey blanket and embroider name of a little one. The lovey blanket is usually given to babies around 4 to 6 months old. Babies like to snuggle with the lovey blanket during nap time or bedtime.

Receiving Blanket

Our receiving blanket is 24″ x 24″ and is handcrafted with 100% baby soft flannel.  A decorative stitch around the edge of the blanket maintains durability. The receiving blanket is mainly used to swaddle a baby to sleep. However, other suggested uses could be: play mats, burping, breast feeding or changing table cover.


Classic Baby Blanket

Our classic baby blanket is 30″ x 36″ and is handcrafted with top side 100% baby soft flannel and the reverse side is a soft milky dot material. This blanket is top stitched to increase durability. This blanket could be used in strollers, car seats, for nursing, changing pad
or carrying around the house.

Burp cloths

Our 10”x 18” burp cloths are available in a set of 3. Each burp cloth is handmade with baby soft flannel and white terry cloth towel. There are many uses for burp cloths but the most common would include putting the burp cloth on your shoulder before you burp you baby- this will help absorb any spit-ups and burp cloths can be used as a toddler bib by tucking the bib into the top of their shirt.

Where can you find our blankets?

We are in the process of building our Etsy store and launching our website. Little Leaf Sewing will be coming soon! Please email us for more information.