Mission statement

As a fellow crafts person, my mission is to provide excellent service and handmade baby essentials for my customers. I want to clearly demonstrate the benefits of choosing the right baby essentials for your little one. I want to be seen as a professional, caring, reliable and knowledgeable.

Our Story

Sherry Llamas is the founder and owner at  Little Leaf Sewing, a small family business that creates quality handmade personalized baby essentials.

While devoting time to her work at Little Leaf Sewing, Sherry is working full time as a Office Manager in Minneapolis, MN.

In addition to being a craftsperson, Sherry has dedicated much of her free time to all types of sewing projects. She has experience with designing, creating and finishing baby and toddler blankets, pillows, curtains, aprons, bags and baskets. Sherry’s favorite projects are creating snuggley blankets to keep babies warm and safe.

Sherry and her husband Gabriel spend all of their free time with their 3 children (twin girls 2 1/2 and son 10 months old) and their 1 year old Corgi princess Jaina and two cats Luna and Beatrix.


Jaina, Shop Assistant

Hello,  I am Jaina the shop assistant at Little Leaf Sewing. It’s my job to see to a well run shop and I do help as much as I can. Some duties might include: alerting the owner when any shop supplies are borrowed by the kids that were not authorized, I hang out by the sewing machines to monitor a quality product, I unpack all the shipping that comes my way, and on top of that I manage the food and break schedules.

Contact us: sherry@littleleafsewing.com or visit our Etsy shop